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Da Dao Zhu Xuanji

Da Dao Zhu Xuanji

Da Dao Zhu Xuanji

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    Da Dao Zhu Xuanji
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2022-07-01 08:01:53
At the beginning of chaos, heaven and earth were not opened, and Yin and Yang were not divided. What is the avenue and how to seek the Tao are invisible. Since ancient times, hundreds of generations have changed, but the flowers on the other side stand between heaven and earth and remain unmoved. If you want to get the way of flying immortals, only the other shore flowers are born in the land of Dan house. There is a spiritual spring under it and stars on it, so as to prove the way and become God I have a sword that can kill the demons of heaven and earth; I have a Sutra that can create all life. I have a life, not from heaven!