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I got the underground gift bag

I got the underground gift bag

I got the underground gift bag

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    I got the underground gift bag
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    Danqi world
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2022-07-03 07:49:34
: Xu Chuan passed through three years. After three years as the magistrate of muddle headed County, he finally got the trial gift package. Did he go straight to pursue Changsheng Avenue, or did he provoke a civil uprising and drown in the toilet corrupt officials? Honest officials cruel officials? a loyal courtier? In the ducha courtyard, Taoist huoyun came to intercede for the disciple with the top-grade magic weapon huoyun mask. Trial open, close, reputation - 70, Qiyun - 10, public opinion - 80, Shouyuan - 90. No, reputation + 70, luck + 5, public opinion + 80. It can improve the quality of magic weapon of Qiyun divine sword, reputation divine sword and public opinion divine sword. Xu Chuan did not hesitate to choose to old fellow. He did not give you face. He gave you face to live.