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I can cross the heavens

I can cross the heavens

I can cross the heavens

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    I can cross the heavens
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    I hear the autumn wind again
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    365 Books
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2022-07-03 04:48:50
The first grass in the wild world wanders in the strange and mysterious world of immortals and Demons... in the perfect world, he is one of the ten fierce grasses and has a reputation in the world; In Wu Dong Qian Kun, he is the immortal ancestor who killed all the different demon families, and his reputation is unparalleled; In the emperor of the first world, he crosses the other shore and shines across the world; The world of covering the sky, the world of Panlong, the period of mang Huang, the legend of the cultivation of immortals by mortals... the endless heavens rise in the end of the day, gain the Tao in the immortal gate, fight against the heavens, and defeat all the world. It is an invincible reputation!