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Create super fantasy

Create super fantasy

Create super fantasy

Rating: 9 / 10 from 33601 ratings
  • Alternative names:

    Create super fantasy
  • Author:

    Li Hongtian
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    The One Book
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The boy sat in a chair, facing the sea hold a wisp of aura and point to this magnificent world from a distance What's wrong is wrong... some people once killed a dragon and bathed the dragon's blood some people once liked to buy chicken soup and keep nine Phoenix in the backyard some people once sat on the top of a mountain and talked like a river. One pressure won millions of troops some people once wrote to move mountains and draw a beautiful scroll, which can trap immortals and gods and that year, the flowers bloomed in spring they are just ordinary pig killers, smelly scholars, chicken breeders and poor painters this is a story of transforming the low Wu continent into a super fantasy world PS: there are 6 million words to complete the ordering of gourmet in different world and 3 million words of boutique dream maker, which can enter the pit~

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