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Three Kingdoms: rebellion was overheard by Cao Cao

Three Kingdoms: rebellion was overheard by Cao Cao

Three Kingdoms: rebellion was overheard by Cao Cao

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    Three Kingdoms: rebellion was overheard by Cao Cao
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Through the Three Kingdoms, Cao Su became Cao Cao's brother the system told him that as long as Cao Cao was sent away, he could become an immortal "Lord, the widow of Zhang Ji, Zou's smile is like a flower. She is a rare beauty and will make him enjoy the night!" [ha ha! I've stopped Cao ang Dianwei from drinking. There's no guard tonight. Boss Cao, rest in peace!] Cao Cao: Zou's gift "big brother! Diao Chan, Lv Bu's wife, is a national beauty. She laughs with a smile. I've tied you to your bedroom for you to enjoy at any time!" [hey, Diao Chan holds a seven-star sword and is waiting to take your head!] Cao Cao: Here you are "my Lord! In Yecheng, Yuan Shaoshang has a daughter-in-law named Zhen MI, who is elegant and gorgeous. I suggest you surround him first to avoid falling into the hands of others!" [if your father and son fight, they will die. I don't believe you LSP will be indifferent to Zhen Ji!] Cao: I give it to you Cao Su:< br> WTF? is this Cao Cao's script taken by mistake? What about the good wife attribute? Why is it all mine Cao Cao raised his eyebrows and eyes: brother, you seem to have a problem with my reward Cao Su: never dare! Little brother doesn't have great skills. I can't share my worries for big brother! But don't hesitate to speak where you need my little brother [little brother is really tired!] PS: fantasy of the Three Kingdoms, interesting history, please don't take your seat according to the number.

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