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Daming 1402

Daming 1402

Daming 1402

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    Daming 1402
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    Ling Xueao cream L
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2022-09-21 11:56:08
During the reign of emperor Gao Yuanzhang of the Ming Dynasty, his children, grandchildren and nephews were enfeoffed everywhere as vassal kings. The vassal power was expanding day by day. Because Prince Zhu Biao died early, Emperor Gao had to make young Zhu Yunwen the emperor's grandson in the 31st year of Hongwu, Zhu Yunwen ascended the throne with the year of Jianwen. He was Emperor Jianwen and took a series of measures to cut vassal ships with Huang Zicheng and Qi Tai in the first year of Jianwen's reign, Zhu Di, king of Yan, led 100000 soldiers, joined forces with Zhu Quan, king of Ning, led 80000 soldiers and 6000 leather chariots, as well as the Mongolian cavalry duo Yan Sanwei, to the south, which was called the battle of Jingnan in history Jianwen has been established for four years (1402) Zhu Di, the king of Yan, captured yingtianfu, the imperial capital, and the Imperial Palace lit a raging fire. Zhu Yunwen disappeared and disappeared without trace. it turned out that Zhu Yunwen took the navigation chart left by Mr. Qingtian Liu Bowen and fled south. What adventures will Zhu Yunwen encounter in the process of escape? Can Zhu Di defend the rivers and mountains surging in the undercurrent? Can Zhu Yunwen defeat Zhu Di, how about taking back everything in this book, there are the answers you want

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